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Rodney A. Brown, MFA

Rodney A. Brown, founder/director, The Brown Dance Project (The BDP) is dedicated to making connections with art, performance and advocacy. As a result, he chooses to collaborate in various communities developing programs on HIV/AIDS, American History, Language Arts and Bible. Brown has performed dance by choreographers Donald McKayle, Jeraldyne Blunden, Ronald K. Brown, William B.Mcclellan Jr., Eleo Pomare, Amy Chavasse, Talley Beatty, Shonna Hickman- Matlock, Doug Varone, Jessica Fogel, Li Chiao-Ping, and others. He has performed with Bichini Bia Congo Dance Theatre (MI), Patterson Rhythm Pace Dance Co. (MI), Peter Sparling Dance Co. (MI), Danstigate Dance Co. (NY), Leyya Tawil Dance Elixir (CA), Eisenhower Dance Ensemble (MI), Compton Dance Theatre Foundation (CA), Victoria Theatre Association- Broadway in Dayton (OH), Dayton Contemporary Dance Company (OH) and other groups.  His research on performing HIV/AIDS prevention messages with dance was published as the online manuscript, Education Options In Dance Composition: The Brown Dance Project (The BDP) Translating the Pedagogy of Action (POA) Module on HIV Education to Dance (, to support MODULE (2013), the first in a series of choreography translations of the POA oral HIV prevention education methodology. Most recently Brown’s research has been invited to the Society of Dance History Scholars (SDHS)/Congress on Research in Dance (CORD) conference in Athens, Greece, The Carr Center in Detroit, Center for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa based in Vulindlela, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) School of Arts and Aesthetics in New Delhi, India and Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing, China.  He has spent the 2015-2016 year in the New York metropolitan area conducting dance research as a member of the dance faculty at Ohio State and also learning as a professional student fellow at Yale University. Brown attends an internet church and Bethany Presbyterian Church, Columbus, Ohio. 



Contemporary Dance Practice

Dance Composition Education

Early 20th Century Black Dancers and Choreographers 

Dance Performance 



Bachelors of Arts in Performing Arts

Masters of Fine Arts 

Masters of Divinity (Candidate)



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